Index of Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do you offer telephone support – How can we contact you?

We always recommend a skilled tradesperson to assist consumers in mail slot selection and installation. It is trickier than one might expect, especially, when dealing with retrofits, as there are NO industry standards/sizes. With mail slot complexities in mind, we have designed a step by step selection process on our website to help consumers.

  1. Visit our Selection Guide to determine which installation you have
  2. If this is a replacement installation (retrofit), then carefully read our Measuring Guide
  3. If this is a new installation (e.g. you do not have an existing mail slot), then visit our Homepage to select which model you prefer
  4. Once you have determined that we offer a model and size that fits your circumstance (we may not), you can proceed to make your purchase
  5. We do accept returns. Please read our Return Policy for instructions
  6. If you have additional questions, you can send us an email through our secure Contact Us page

Question: Why is it so difficult to insert a single letter through and past the interior flap of my Elite Model DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slot?

We don’t think it’s very difficult at all. Opening the exterior flap and inserting mail is easy. However, when inserting a single flimsy envelope, with no stiffness, there will be resistance due to the interior brushes and sprung shut interior flap. All the letter carrier has to do is simply insert a finger through the brushes and nudge open the interior flap to properly deliver the letter. Also, the interior brushes may be removed if the customer doesn’t want them or feel they are needed. Remember, under penalty of federal law it is the letter carrier’s legal obligation to safely deliver your mail.

It’s also important to remember that the number one reason why customers purchase our DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots, and the purpose for which they are designed is because they keep drafts out saving you energy & money. That’s why DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots have sprung shut flaps using the torque force of nylon pins which are twisted before insertion during the assembly process. This provides a strong closure of the flaps.

It is possible to design a mail slot with a more sophisticated mechanism which will provide insulating qualities and an easier delivery experience. Customers interested in such a mail slot are advised to google for such designs from custom manufacturers and be prepared to pay in the range of $250 to $500 (or more) plus shipping & taxes.

We believe DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots are the best, most affordable solution.

Question: How do I select what color combination will best suit my needs?

Typically, there are two schools of thought; create a pattern, or blend in.

a) Create a pattern.
Note what color/s your door hardware is/are along with the color of your door/wall. Observe colors of interior & exterior lighting fixtures, handles, locks, hinges, window trim, shutters, and so forth. Choose a matching color combination from one of ten color combinations in our Elite Model, or one of four in our Classic Surface Mount Model which best matches the color/s of your hardware and/or trim to create an esthetically pleasing pattern. NB. Colors from different manufacturers, as well as, on different materials (e.g. plastic vs metal) will inevitably be slightly different from matching colors on your hardware, door, or wall.

b) Blend in.
Some customers do not want to see their mail slot for aesthetic or security reasons. Observe the color of your door and/or wall and select a color combination which most closely matches so that the mail slot will be least noticed. Typically, you would choose a color combination with a matching frame and flap color.

Question: Why shouldn’t I use a two sided mail slot in a wall? My Victorian house has had one for over 100 years!

First, the most a two sided Elite Model DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slot sleeve will telescope open to is 3 inches. Most walls are thicker than 3 inches.

Second, most historic mail slots installed in a wall do not have an interior flap, or if they do, it is not sprung shut. There are reasons for that. When they were designed, heating costs were not as they are today. So, an interior flap was not
considered necessary. Most simply had decorative frames to provide a finished interior appearance.

Walls thicker than 3 inches make it impossible for a letter carrier to reach in and push open an interior sprung shut flap. It is too deep for their fingers to reach. Finally, the likelihood of mail being inserted past the exterior flap and remaining
trapped between the two flaps is very high, which defeats the security purpose of a mail slot and leaves your mail, and identity, vulnerable to theft.

If you absolutely must have a two sided mail slot installed in a wall thicker than 3 inches, we advise creating a recessed alcove on the interior side so that where the mail slot will be installed, the thickness of the wall has been reduced to 3 inches or less. If it is an exterior wall located in a cold (or hot) climate, you must consider using a thinner but higher R Factor insulation to maintain consistent wall insulation. In other words, if by creating a recessed alcove, you have to remove common fiberglass wool insulation (approx. R Factor 3.5 per inch), which is usually quite thick, you should consider replacing it with something like a spray-on polyurethane foam insulation which is rated with a much higher R Factor per inch of thickness (approx. R Factor 7 per inch). This way, you can accommodate a thinner wall while maintaing an R Factor close to what the original insulation provided, before it was altered. This type of advanced installation requires trade industry level knowledge and skills in carpentry, drywall, plaster, vapor barrier, house wrap and insulation. If you don’t have these skills, hire a reputable trades person who does!

Question: One (or both) of my existing hole measurements is/are larger than your mail slot. Can I still use a DraftDodger™?

In many cases yes. Please refer to our Advanced Installations web page, as well as, advanced installation video tutorial. It’s only 2:45 minutes in length and gives a clear idea of what is necessary to reduce the size of an existing hole. Note that it is preferred to use matching material to that of your door. e.g. wood stock for a wood door, fiberglass sheeting for a fiberglass door, metal sheeting for a metal door.

Question: How can I buy a mail slot from you when I don’t have a PayPal account?

You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase using PayPal. PayPal acts as our transaction processor. If you have a PayPal account or wish to sign up for one, great! If not, PayPal also acts as our credit card processor. Simply submit your order from our shopping cart and you will be directed to our secure PayPal transaction page where you will have the option of paying with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards, as well as, with a PayPal account.

Question: When should I buy an Elite Model vs a Classic Surface Mount Model Insulated DraftDodger™ Mail Slot?

When you have a door or wall thinner than 3 inches and having the best possible weather seal against drafts, hot or cold, is important, purchase our Elite Model in the color combination best suited to your needs.

When you have a door or wall thicker than 3 inches, purchase a Classic Surface Mount Model in the color combination best suited to your needs. or If you wish to have a different color mail slot on either side of your door which is thinner than 3 inches, purchase two Classic Surface Mount Models in your required colors. NB. If necessary, you may have to buy or make your own pass-thru sleeve. If you have an historic house with the original exterior mail slot hardware and wish to maintain the historical exterior appearance while attempting to reduce drafts and save energy and money, simply install a Classic Surface Mount on the interior side to keep drafts out.

Question: Can a DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slot be mounted both horizontally or vertically?

Yes! DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots have sprung shut flaps which will remain shut whether installed horizontally or vertically. In fact, the flaps will withstand most stormy winds and remain closed.

Question: Where are DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots made?

DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots are assembled in Montreal, Canada, at our warehousing & distribution center.

Question: Where do DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots ship from and how long does shipping take?

DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slots ship from our Montreal, Canada, warehousing & distribution center. Orders are processed, fulfilled and shipped usually within 24 hrs but can take up to 72 hrs (we are closed on weekends). Delivery is by Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to the US border, where the United States Postal Service (USPS) takes over and delivers to the final destination. During the Checkout process (and before submitting your order to our credit card processor PayPal), various delivery options, along with their estimated delivery times are displayed.

Depending on your zip code, these delivery options and estimated delivery times will vary. After selecting your desired delivery option and accepting our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you may then submit your order for payment processing to our credit card, debit card and PayPal account processor, PayPal. Please note: US Customs procedures are unpredictable post 9/11. Delivery times can be affected by these procedures.